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Current Internship & Volunteer Opportunities

Northern Dauphin County Van Driver

Do you have a license, a flexible schedule, and a good driving record? We need you! Our Van Program for Northern Dauphin County offers much needed transportation services in an underserved area. The trips are for non-emergency medical visits, and on a limited basis to the grocery store or to work.

  • Your task: drive 10 - 15 hours a week, get people to their appointments on time, and enjoy their company! 


We need help seeing places where we are successful, and where we can improve. We need people who can:

  • Conduct and compile client satisfaction surveys.
  • Dig deep into community indicators of poverty and financial growth and analyze the results.
  • Research how much vacancy and abandonment of buildings costs the city in terms of lost taxes from tax delinquency, diminished property values, code enforcement, public works cleanup etc. 
  • Analyze the costs of implementing and ongoing maintenance of reseeding vacant lots with low-maintenance alternatives and installing fencing, compared to the maintenance and cleanup costs of a traditional lot. Also investigate other potential reseeding benefits such as crime reduction, adjacent property improvements, and increased property values.


People are our purpose, and we want to share their stories!

  • Client Storytelling: interviewing program participants to help us better tell their story, their struggles, and celebrate their successes.

Human Services

  • Human Services Study: Spend time in each of our programs, learning how and why relationships are important to achieve lasting success. This is a great volunteer position for someone wanting to work in the direct social services field.

Organizational Management

  • Help to develop and prepare standard operating procedures for agency functions. This is a great volunteer opportunity for someone going into social services administration, or who has social services administration experience. This opportunity will allow you to learn about the behind-the-scenes work that make our programs possible.

Group Volunteer Opportunities

If your group would like to volunteer at one of our community events listed on our events page, please contact us - we would be glad to have your help!

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