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Bridges Out of Poverty


Bridges out of Poverty is nationally recognized as a way to help you understand and fight the long term effects of poverty in a meaningful way. 

In this training, we will address practical strategies and tools for integrating research about mental models of poverty, middle class, and wealth, as well as cultural differences among subgroups. 

We will help you, your team or co-workers, and the collective group understand how to better serve persons with low-incomes - and will provide a powerful look at societal, political, individual and institutional systems we must address in building bridges out of poverty.

This workshop is designed for employers, community organizations, law enforcement, counselors, health care/social service providers and members of the community.

As a result of this training, you will:

• Better understand the causes of poverty; 

• Learn how economic class and their hidden rules affect behaviors and mindsets; 

• Learn what key resources, besides financial, help move a person out of poverty, if they choose;

• Discover how to engage the unique strength of people in poverty;

• Review importance of language and communication skills.

We can provide short, introductory trainings at your agency or business for no cost.

For more advanced or full-day trainings, please contact us to discuss logistics and cost at

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