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Keystone Community Development Corporation

Incorporated in 1998, Keystone Community Development Corporation (KCDC) is a 501(c)2 registered subsidiarity of Tri County Community Action.

We created KCDC to help stabilize and then re-invigorate community and economic development in the South Allison Hill neighborhood of Harrisburg. Through these efforts, KCDC owns several commercial and community spaces. They are:

  • 216-238 S. 13th Street - Green Infrastructure Parking lot under development
  • 202-204 S. 13th Street - Commercial, first floor unit only
  • 1301 Derry Street - Commercial office building
  • 1427 Derry Street - Heart of the Hill community garden

If you are interested in leasing commercial space from KCDC, please contact Jennifer Wintermyer
at 717-232-9757 x 103 or

Thank You Sponsors!