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Neighborhood Revitalization

Clean & Green Harrisburg

Clean & Green Harrisburg

Clean & Green Harrisburg is a network of residents, businesses, organizations, and government who have organized around keeping our neighborhoods clean and beautiful. 

Clean & Green founded the annual City-wide Great Harrisburg Litter Cleanup and launched the Stop the Drop campaign. It also proudly supports 2Minute Tuesday.

As part of the Clean & Green network, we are proud to be of Keep America Beautiful as the Keep Harrisburg-Dauphin County Beautiful local affiliate.

Clean & Green meets on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 2:00 PM over Zoom.

Ways to Stay Involved

  1. Stay active by doing solo cleanups outside your  front door #2MinTuesday
  2. Call your neighbors to come out and do solo cleanups in front of their homes too to get a little social interaction while still practicing social distancing
  3. Sign-up for a Stop the Drop Lid email
  4. Install some Stop the Drop lids at registered addresses - let us know your interested!
  5. Share pictures of solo cleanups and other safe ways you are taking care of your community on Clean & Green's Facebook page
  6. Share your own ideas on Clean & Green's Facebook page

As always, stay safe during any cleanup by wearing gloves, appropriate clothing, and safety gear while cleaning and washing your hands with soap and water while singing 2 rounds of Happy Birthday afterwards!

Thank You Sponsors!