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South Allison Hill

South Allison Hill

South Allison Hill Neighborhood

We have been committed to revitalization efforts in the South Allison Hill neighborhood since we moved our main office here in 1992. With a long history of community strategic planning, our current efforts are based on the Heart of the Hill: Action Plan to Unite South Allison Hill, which was developed through the involvement of over 700 residents and stakeholders.

Here's what's happening now!

Market and Derry Street Streetscape Enhancements

Retail corridors will be enhanced beginning in Spring 2019 in coordination with Capital Region Water and the City of Harrisburg. These enhancements include new benches at public bus stops, pedestrian friendly crosswalks, stormwater planters, sidewalk repair, and planters with community art. The project's goals are to support local businesses, highlight community offerings, beautify the neighborhood, improve pedestrian safety, and reduce flooding events.

Business Facade Improvement Program

As the largest national historic district in Harrisburg, South Allison Hill is home to beautiful historic buildings. To preserve the history and architecture while assisting the many local businesses, our grant program focuses on restoring the two historic retail corridors on Market Street and Derry Street, between S. 13th Street and S. 15th Street. 

We've already completed 4 properties and have 4 more planned in 2019. Businesses and property owners in our target areas can apply for a grant up to $15,000 to restore and repair their building exterior. 

To see our Design Guidelines and specific program information, please click below.

Reseed & Transform

This innovative initiative remediates vacant and overgrown lots into greenspaces - complete with no-mow grass and residential fencing. By 'greening' these lots, we are helping to improve safety, beautify neighborhoods, and increase property values. Overall, the lots are returned to a baseline of maintenance that all neighborhoods deserve.

Before and after on Hummel Street

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Want to see the full Heart of the Hill Plan? Click here!

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