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What We Do

Tri County Community Action has been helping people and changing lives throughout Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry Counties for over 50 years. Offering a comprehensive approach to individual, family, and neighborhood success, Tri County Community Action provides a myriad of programming and initiatives around early childhood and family development; employment, education and financial empowerment; housing security; and community development - all in an effort to create strong families and thriving communities.

Tri County Community Action’s Promise is to care about the entire community, and acknowledges that even today, structural inequities leave some behind. Tri County Community Action believes that lifting up diversity, equity, and inclusion and standing against hate is core to combating those structural inequities, making all communities a better place to live.

  • This morning I attended a (Group Connection) you hosted. My daughter, Claire, LOVED it! She has been talking ever since about it and sharing what she learned with her brother. So, thank you, and your team, for all of the work put into putting the bags of crafts together, the songs, the games, and all of the care!

Our Impact This Year

Everything we do is aimed to disrupt and permanently break the cycle of poverty for everyone living in our community. 

Did you know that right now 51,419 of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members are economically insecure? 

Last year, 38% of the people we helped were working and providing the sole source of income for their households - 63% were women, and 51% of households had children in the home. These were and are hard-working, caring, and productive members of our community - they are YOU - and we helped 17,624 of you stabilize, sustain, and take steps towards economic independence. 

Community Members Unite to Provide Thanksgiving Meals to Families

The holiday season will look a little different for families this year as a result of the public health and economic effects of COVID-19. Many people will be doing their part to slow the spread of the virus by staying home, and not traveling to gather with family. Others have been preoccupied making ends meet after their loss of income - meaning that a turkey on the table is not fiscally possible this year. This is not only stressful for the adults in the house but may also create uncertainty for the children living in a home where Thanksgiving is joyously celebrated each year. 

This Thanksgiving, Tri County Community Action (TCCA) will be able to make the season a little brighter for families in Dauphin and Perry Counties who are enrolled in our Family Center.  Thanks to one Harrisburg community member, Joseph Leaks, who donated 55 turkeys, and our partners at the Junior League of Harrisburg who orchestrated a food drive we were able to deliver 60 Thanksgiving meals to families we serve.

Local businesses helped the cause, too. Residents in the community had the opportunity to bring food donations to local shops in their area: One Good Woman Coffee, Elementary Coffee Company, Knead Pizza Slice Shop, and Little Amps Coffee Roasters. Because of community involvement, the Junior League was able to double the number of items donated in previous years.

TCCA wants to take the time to thank our friends at the Junior League of Harrisburg, the generosity of Mr. Leaks, all the local shops that offered to be a drop-off location for donations, and of course to the neighbors who donated to ensure our families didn't have to go without this Thanksgiving. This generous spirit of giving is so much more than a meal. It’s a gift of hope in a time of so much uncertainty. And, it is a good reminder that even in the most challenging times, communities come together to help those in need.

If you didn’t get to contribute to the drive but would like to help families escape from poverty, donate to TCCA.