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About Us

Community Services Block Grant

The Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) is the only federal program with the explict and overarching goal of reducing poverty, regardless of its cause!

CSBG provides critical funding to Community Action agencies, and supports our local-driven comprehensive approach to fighting poverty. CSBG, governed by the federal Community Services Block Grant Act, help us ensure that low-income individuals and others in the community have a voice in planning and overseeing local programs, that our initiatives meet documented needs, and that resources are used effectively. CSBG is the only dedicated funding source that supports our core functions! We leverage CSBG funds to obtain a wide array of other public and private support for our communities. Most importantly, CSBG provides us with the flexible funding to support gap-filling activities that address unmet needs, innovative practices, and rapid responses.

CSBG is critical to our work and to the communities we serve.

CSBG is a wise investment!

Thank You Sponsors!