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Like Roberta’s

Like Roberta’s

In 2015, Roberta’s life was turned upside down following a divorce. Having spent the better part of her life as a housewife, Roberta had limited job experience and even fewer funds. She struggled to get by on her own but eventually, Roberta was too far behind on her bills and had to move out of her apartment. With nowhere else to go, she resorted to living with her sister in what was to be a temporary situation. Days turned into months and after being unable to secure employment or an apartment, Roberta came to Tri County Community Action in November of 2015 for help.

We talked at length with Roberta. Together, we listed the opportunities she had and the challenges she was facing. We talked about possible solutions and we even set a few goals. Our very first step was to secure housing for Roberta. She temporarily moved into a nearby hotel as we worked to enroll her in the County’s Housing Partnership Rapid Re-housing Program. With this first goal accomplished, we moved on to finding her employment. But without transportation, it was another challenge. A partner agency had just launched a pilot program providing job training skills and eventual employment. We saw it as the perfect opportunity for Roberta. She started her job training within the week! Today Roberta is working hard on her next goal of moving to full time employment and buying her own vehicle.

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