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Overcoming Obstacles: Raising a Child in School

One of our goals as an organization is to assist community members in difficult situations. Krissy, a Family Development Coordinator in Perry County, helped a young father Pete, navigating parenthood and high school.

Pete struggled academically, during his freshman and sophomore years in high school. However, upon discovering that he was going to be responsible for more than just himself, he knew he was going to have to work hard for his daughter, Becca.

Pete got a part-time job while still attending school and being a full-time father. He was able to juggle all these responsibilities while still taking Becca to daycare every day before school, and never missing one of her doctors’ appointments. His resilience allowed him to graduate from high school and an automotive program, putting him on the path to becoming a mechanic.

Pete's mother and stepfather were crucial in supporting him and Becca. His mother, having benefited from the Parents as Teachers (PAT) program years earlier, referred Pete to us for additional resources.

Through the Parents as Teachers program, it was there that he met Krissy. Krissy was instrumental in teaching Pete and his family important parenting skills to help them raise Becca. Krissy also provided them with crafts and other activities which support her growth. It is thanks to Pete’s hard work and Krissy’s guidance that Becca is on track with all her developmental milestones and has had success during her time in the program.

Krissy enjoys working with Pete because it is not often that she gets to work with fathers who serve as the primary caregiver. She admires his dedication to being a good father to Becca and his commitment to the PAT program.

Pete has enjoyed his experience as a father and watching Becca grow up. His friends and family love Becca and are excited to see her grow alongside Pete. Pete says, “It’s the little things that make him happy, like brushing their teeth together,” and seeing Becca enjoy the same foods as him.

After high school, Pete plans to work as a mechanic, while still being a father and role model to Becca. Becca is almost 18 months old and will continue in the Parents As Teachers’ program until she graduates and enters kindergarten.

We are excited to see how Pete and Becca grow through the program over the next few years!