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Families in Recovery

Early Childhood and Family Development

Families in Recovery

Strengthening Connections One Day at a Time

Through Families in Recovery, Tri County Community Action provides support and education to families who have been touched by addiction and are living in recovery.

This program attends to a variety of challenges and experiences common to parents in recovery, including:

  • Identifying strengths, needs, and resiliencies
  • Exploring healthy parenting in balance with recovery needs, understanding the person-focused and family-centered changes process
  • Promoting healthy parenting and communication styles
  • Developing healthy coping skills and modeling self-care; coping with guilt, shame, and stigma
  • Developing a personalized family blueprint for overall wellness

If you think Families in Recovery can strengthen your family, connect with Tri County Community Action.

When & Where

A group will be announced in the near future.