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South Allison Hill

Community Development

South Allison Hill Neighborhood

South Allison Hill Neighborhood

Real Change Starts with You:

If you are a member of the Allison Hill community, we invite you to take part in a crucial community survey designed to capture your insights and thoughts on crime. Your perspective matters greatly as we work towards creating a safer, more secure environment for everyone.

Taking part in the survey is easy. Just visit [survey link] and spend a few minutes sharing your thoughts. Your responses will be confidential, ensuring your privacy throughout the process.

Your contribution is a critical step toward creating a community that we're all proud to call home. Let's work together to build a safer environment for our families, friends, and neighbors.


The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) is crucial in promoting community safety and crime prevention across the state. One of the ways they support these efforts is by providing grants to fund initiatives like ours that enhance public safety, address delinquency, and reduce crime. PCCD grants support the following initiatives run by TCCA:

Community Safety Plan:

The Community Safety Plan are comprehensive strategies developed by local communities to address specific safety concerns, reduce crime, and enhance the overall well-being of residents. These plans involve collaboration among law enforcement agencies, local government, community organizations, and residents. They identify areas of concern, develop strategies to address them, and allocate resources effectively.

Improving Porch Lights:

Light The Hill is a TCCA campaign that improves community safety by distributing porch lights to residents. Improving porch lights is a simple yet effective strategy to enhance community safety. Well-lit neighborhoods deter criminal activity, promote a sense of security, and encourage community members to be vigilant about their surroundings.


Heart of the Hill: Action Plan

We have been committed to revitalization efforts in the South Allison Hill neighborhood since we moved our main office here in 1992. With a long history of community strategic planning, our current efforts are based on the Heart of the Hill: Action Plan to Unite South Allison Hill, which was developed through the involvement of over 700 residents and stakeholders.

Click the button below to read the full Heart of the Hill Plan.