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Community Development

Community Development


Building Thriving Communities Together

At Tri County Community Action, our Community Development team is dedicated to fostering thriving communities where individuals can live in the neighborhoods of their choice, access essential resources, and cultivate the social capital and advocacy skills necessary for self-empowerment.

We deeply value the insights and aspirations of our community experts—the residents. Collaborating closely with neighborhoods, our mission is to expand opportunities and instill hope. We aim to fortify vibrant communities where residents rise and physical transformations unfold.

Our neighborhood revitalization endeavors adhere to a unified approach to drive change.


We believe that true community transformation begins and concludes with active community involvement. Engaging residents in setting priorities and actions empowers them to effect lasting changes they can both experience and sustain.


Acknowledging the complexity of community challenges, we thrive on fostering cross-sector partnerships. Collaborating with residents, community organizations, local businesses, religious institutions, and government entities helps us forge a shared vision. Together, we pool resources, expertise, and capacity, enabling us to implement a multitude of interrelated strategies.


Informed by the expressed hopes and desires of the community, we integrate research into our decision-making process. Neighborhood satisfaction surveys, parcel-level observation surveys, crime data analysis, and best practice research all play pivotal roles in targeting specific actions and locations to maximize impact.