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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Our Local Approach

In the Tri-County Region, the struggle against poverty is real, with 51,419 of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family currently facing economic insecurity. But how do we dismantle this cycle of poverty?

Understanding Our Local Theory of Change

To effectively address poverty in our region, we've crafted a local Theory of Change. This innovative framework allows us to bridge community conditions with essential services, working toward the permanent eradication of poverty in our area.

Identifying the Root Causes

Through rigorous needs assessment and data analysis, we've pinpointed the root causes and conditions of poverty in our region. These include stagnant wages, structural inequities, and limited economic mobility driven by factors such as low education levels, lack of social capital, and social determinants of health.

The Four Pillars of Success:

Our strategy revolves around the Four Pillars of Success:

Our Vision of Success

By focusing on these four pillars and upholding values like performance management, outcomes, transparency, and advocacy, we anticipate the following outcomes:

  • Children become lifelong learners, setting the stage for their future success.
  • Adults gain the skills needed to be effective parents and providers.
  • People earn wages sufficient to support their families.
  • Individuals enjoy housing security, choosing their ideal community.
  • Accessible resources empower people to thrive.
  • Enhanced social capital and advocacy skills enable individuals to champion their own interests.
Strong Families and Thriving Communities

Our mission is clear: to create a world free from poverty, where strong families and thriving communities are the norm. Join us in breaking the cycle of poverty and building a brighter future for all. Together, we can make a profound difference.