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What We Do

What We Do

What We Do

How Do We Dismantle The Cycle of Poverty?

Currently, 51,419 of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family are economically insecure in the tri-county region.

To better connect our community conditions with the services and supports necessary to disrupt and permanently break the cycle of poverty in our region, we have developed a local Theory of Change. 

Using the data from our needs assessment, we have identified what we believe to be the causes and conditions of poverty in our region.

These include stagnant wages, structural inequities, and suppressed economic mobility due to low education levels, lack of social capital, and social determinants of health.

Our local Theory of Change uses the Four Pillars of Success to break the cycle of poverty.

The Four Pillars of Success:

By focusing on these four pillars, with performance management, outcomes, transparency, and advocacy at our core, we believe the following outcomes will be achieved:

  • Children become lifelong learners.
  • Adults are equipped with the skills to be successful parents.
  • People earn enough to support their families.
  • People live in the community of their choice.
  • People have the resources they need.
  • People have the social capital and skills to advocate for themselves.
Strong families and thriving communities are what a world free from poverty looks like.