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Board of Directors

Board of Directors


We are proud to have a tripartite board consisting of equal parts of local private sector, public sector, and low-income community representatives. This structure brings together community leaders from each of these groups to collaborate on developing responses to local needs and allowing for maximum feasible participation in both the creation and administration of our programs.

Our Board meetings are typically held at 5:30pm on the 4th Monday of alternating months (February, April, June, August, October, and December).

Interested parties may contact Jennifer Wintermyer for more information.



  • Janis Creason


  • Tara Davis

    Vice President

  • Jacquelyn Wise


  • Haven Evans


  • Amber Coleman

    Immediate Past President


  • Abigail Coleman
  • Janis Creason
  • Kelly Neiderer
  • Vince Paese
  • Haven Evans
  • Todd Hooper
  • Chris Vogel
  • Allison Wilson
  • Jacquelyn Wise
  • Amber Coleman
  • Tara Davis
  • Rita Schaaf
  • Katrina Thoma

Member Emeritus

  • Terry Barley

Join Our Board!

At Tri County Community Action, we fight poverty.

We use advocacy, resource coordination and connection, along with direct, supportive services to achieve our goals. Our work as a private, nonprofit corporation is overseen by a volunteer governing Board of Directors.

With the multitude of programs, outreach, and clients we serve throughout all 3 counties, 40+ staff, and multiple locations, we know there is always more we could be doing to impact change – but we can’t do it alone.

To that end, we recruit new board members who can offer the key skills needed to manage and grow the organization. Some areas of expertise we are recruiting for include:

  • Finance Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management/Administration
  • Organizational Capacity
  • Human Resource
  • Public Relations/Communication
  • Fundraising
  • Teaching/Education/Curriculum Development
  • Economic Development
  • Legal 
  • Grant writing
  • Building corporate sponsorship

Board members must:

  • Live or work in Cumberland, Dauphin, or Perry County.
  • Be able to attend a monthly committee / Board meeting.
  • Be informed about the concerns and opinions of low-income people in your area.
  • Understand, support, and assist the Agency's efforts toward fundraising. 
  • Be willing and able to adhere to our Board's Code of Ethics, which are:
    • Represent the interest of all people served, and not favor special interests inside or outside the agency.
    • Not use the agency or your service on the Board for your own personal advantage or for the advantage of your friends, relatives, or supporters.
    • Keep confidential information confidential.
    • Respect and support majority decisions of the Board.
    • Approach all Board issues with an open mind, and be prepared to make the best decision for everyone involved.
    • Do nothing to violate the trust of those who elected or appointed you to the Board, or of those we serve.
    • Focus your efforts on our mission, and not personal goals.
    • Never exercise authority as a Board member except when acting with the full Board or when designated to do so.
    • Consider yourself a trustee of they agency, and do your best to ensure that the agency is well-maintained, financially secure, growing, and always operating in the best interest of those we serve.

If you are interested in serving on our Board, please click here to complete an application.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? We invite you to contact Executive Director, Jennifer Wintermyer via email, here, or by phone at 717.232.9757 to learn more.