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Improving Housing Security

Housing Security


Securing Your Home, Strengthening Your Family

Did you know that the disconnection of your electricity in certain municipalities could lead to your home being declared unfit for habitation? Imagine the impact on your family. The stress, the uncertainty—how would you manage?

Every day, families in our region face these difficult questions. But there's hope. Our programs and services are designed to help families safeguard their homes, ensuring they remain healthy and united in the communities they cherish.

Utility Assistance with OnTrack

OnTrack is a unique payment plan tailored for current PPL customers. With OnTrack, you'll benefit from reduced monthly payments, protection from disconnections, and even the possibility of debt forgiveness. It's your pathway to uninterrupted energy access and peace of mind.

Operation HELP

Operation HELP, generously funded by PPL, its dedicated employees, and caring customers, extends a helping hand to individuals and families facing energy bill hardships. Discover the support you need to keep your energy flowing.

Supportive Services

Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond financial assistance. In partnership with select housing locations across Dauphin County, we provide on-site support to foster positive relationships between clients and providers. Our team offers essential life skills programming and connects individuals and families with valuable community resources.