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Operation HELP

Housing Security

Operation HELP

Energy Assistance Through PPL's Operation HELP

Are you struggling to pay your energy bill? Operation HELP may be able to ease your financial burden. Operation HELP is funded by PPL, its employees, and customers to assist in paying the energy bills of individuals and families with special hardships. Donations can be used to aid in the payment of any type of home heating bill – not just electric.

If you are a person of low income (at or below the 200 percent of the federal poverty level) and a PPL customer, you may be eligible for Operation HELP, to apply for Operation Help, complete an OnTrack application.

Operation Help is available for Cumberland, Dauphin, and Perry counties.

Contact us by phone (717) 232-9757 or email for more information.

Do I Qualify for Operation HELP?

Check the income table below to see if you qualify for Operation HELP.

Household Size Maximum Income (201-250%)
1 $29,161 to $36,450
2 $39,441 to $49,300
3 $49,721 to $62,150
4 $60,001 to $75,000
5 $70,281 to $87,850
6 $80,561 to $100,700
7 $90,841 to $113,550
8 $101,121 to $126,400
Each additional person Add $12,850