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Investing in Families and Early Education

Early Childhood and Family Development


Empowering Families: Building Strong Foundations

The challenges and dynamics of parenting may seem to change, but the basics - love, nurturing, and healthy living - remain the foundation for a strong family. This foundation in the early years helps to lay the path to a child's success in both school and life. 

Recognizing that parents are their children's first and most influential teachers, our dedicated Family Development Coordinators are here to assist. We help parents set goals and achieve developmental milestones through a range of programs designed to enhance parenting skills, improve communication, promote school readiness, and manage household affairs. Our aim is to empower families to stay together, grow healthier, and stand stronger.


In our "Parents as Teachers" program, we embrace the idea that a child's first and most effective teacher is their parent. Just as schoolteachers receive training and support, parents too benefit from additional skills and guidance to nurture their children effectively. This valuable resource equips parents and guardians with the knowledge and support needed to prepare their children for a smooth transition into school life.


This program is devoted to empowering fathers to become positive and influential figures within their families. It prioritizes personal growth as a means to become not just better fathers but better men overall. This program is open to fathers of all ages, income levels, marital statuses, and children's ages.


For families touched by addiction and navigating the path to recovery, our "Families in Recovery" program provides vital support and education. We understand the unique challenges that come with addiction, and we're here to assist these families in their journey toward healing and restoration.