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Investing in Families and Early Education

Early Childhood and Family Development


The challenges and dynamics of parenting may seem to change, but the basics - love, nurturing, and healthy living - remain the foundation for a strong family. This foundation in the early years helps to lay the path to a child's success in both school and life. 

With the belief that parents are the most influential and first teachers of their children, our Family Development Coordinators stand ready to help set goals and meet developmental milestones. All programs are focused on supporting families in developing parenting skills, enhancing communication, school readiness, and household management – everything families need to stay together, healthy, and strong!


This program focuses on the concept that a child’s first and best teacher is their parent. And just like school teachers receive training and education to do their job well, parents often need additional skills and guidance to teach their children well. A valuable resource for our families, our Parents as Teachers program offers information and support to help parents and guardians and their children prepare for a child’s transition to school.


This 12-week program is dedicated to supporting, counseling, and challenging fathers to become strong and positive influences within their families. It focuses on building the man first and the father second, and is open to any father, regardless of their age, income, marital status, or child’s age.


Families in Recovery provides support and education to families who have been touched by addiction and are living in recovery.


Our certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) work with SAFE KIDS in Dauphin County through Penn State Children’s Hospital to offer a discount car seat program to families who are referred to us or other public assistance agencies. They are also available to conduct safety checks whenever your organization has a need.