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Budgeting Basics

Employment, Education, and Financial Empowerment

Budgeting Basics

Virtual Region 3 RPIC Regional Convening

Wednesday, July 13, 2022
10:00 am3:00 pm

Join us as we share how Community Action Agencies across Region 3 are impacting individuals and families facing poverty with human capacity and community transformations. Participate in our online community and join the virtual event and acquire more ideas from leaders with proven positive impacts. Adapt their programs to the needs in your region, and take advantage of new resources!

Tri County Community Action's CEO, Jennifer Wintermyer, will speak about our efforts to improve local food security.

Who Should Attend?
This event is a great resource for community managers, program managers, board members, RPIC Lead Organization o State Associations (teams relevant to the HCCT Grant), State CSBG Office Staff, Local CAA Members from COE Steering Committee in the region, Highlighted Initiative CAA Staff, CAA staff from CAA staff from MD, PA, VA, WV, DE and DC. All are welcome!

What is a Convening?
As a part of the Human Capacity & Community Transformation grant, a key deliverable is for the RPIC is a regional event that highlights community activities, strategies, partnerships, and best practice models. The convening will bring together leaders from the Community Action network to discuss how new practices and partnerships are transforming local communities and helping families build resiliency. Featured initiatives from local CAAs in Region 3 were selected by the Center of Excellence at the National Community Action Partnership to be shared. Don't miss this opportunity to connect and learn.

What is Region 3?
The Region 3 Regional Performance and Information Consortium consists of State Associations and State Offices in Region III of the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services' regionalization of the United States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The RPIC provides training and technical assistance and acts a conduit of information between their member agencies and the federal Office of Community Services and our national partners at the Community Action Partnership, National Association of Community Service Programs, CAPLAW, National Community Action Foundation.