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  • PAT Program Participant
    PAT Program Participant

    I enjoy the [PAT] program because I get to connect with the people who work at Tri County Community Action and other parents.

Our Impact This Year

Everything we do is aimed at disrupting and permanently breaking the cycle of poverty for everyone living in our community. 

Did you know that right now, 51,419 of your neighbors, friends, co-workers, and family members are economically insecure? 

Last year, 38% of the people we helped were working and providing the sole source of income for their households - 63% were women, and 51% of households had children in the home. These were and are hard-working, caring, and productive members of our community - they are YOU - and we helped 17,624 of you stabilize, sustain, and take steps toward economic independence. 

Senior Heating Program Now OPEN!

All Cumberland County residents aged 60 and older may apply. The heating assistance will be in the form of a cash grant paid directly to the heating provider and will only be available to those residents who have exhausted all other potential assistance sources and/or who have been denied based on financial criteria. The eligibility for this program exceeds LIHEAP limits. The maximum gross income for a person seeking assistance will be $2,925/month for a single household and $3,325/month for a couple. Anyone who receives a Community Health Choices Waiver is not eligible for these funds.

A copy of the bill (or equivalent statement) from the heating provider is required, and the utility must be in the older adult's name. Copies of income sources and amounts are also required. Only the older adult and their spouse's income will be counted towards the income amounts. The grant amounts can be used for past-due and arrearage balances and can be used to avoid a disconnection/termination. The grant can also be used to reconnect or resume services. 

To apply, please contact Rachelle Womack at or by calling 717-232-9757, extension 201.